Monthly Archives: December 2016

Ladies Lounge 2016

Cambodia. A country where women are often looked down at, being trafficked, grow up believing they have no value, do not deserve to be loved, are not going to be forgiven after they have made a mistake. Where so many are restless, hopeless.

Cambodia. A country where women need to be encouraged, empowered and their hope revived. And sometimes they simply need to hear that they are beautifully and wonderfully made.

That’s why we held a conference only for women. Watch the overwhelming outcome.

ICF Campus Arena – Upgrade 2.1

It’s not something we can take many credits for.
Yes, we have given our very best and invested much in people, tailored inputs and improvements. However, we truly have been blessed by an enormous and quick growth of our Kids and Teens ministries – which surely nobody had seen coming with such incredible force.

This does also confirm the great need in Cambodia. The youngest generation is hungry. Not just hungry for physical food – no, it’s rather a hunger for a spiritual support. Encouragement. Hope. Love. Joy. They lack it, we share it, they take it. They want more. They want their family, their friends to have it. And therefore we grow.