Countdown for Grand Opening

Finally! Here it is – the new countdown which we made for the Grand Opening of ICF Cambodia:

Some numbers:
Several hours and 3 sprays I needed to find out a good way to paint the chair
Lots of kilometers we made to get to different places
– During 3 weeks, we were on the streets and spoke to people, asked them to participate in a video and invited them for the Grand Opening
7 days and nights I had time to edit, cut, …, those …
100 films with …
100 different people in …
100 different situations and places
8 times I had to export the project since my computer was so slow, that I couldn’t watch the result in the programme itself
14 hours took the last export – and it was finished …
9 hours before the Grand Opening started – sighs.

My team:
Nab (#75): 18 years, filmed 94x, spoke to people, translated a lot, etc.
Vit (#73): 19 Jahre, filmed 6x, assisted, spoke to people, wrote phone numbers down, etc.
Pov (#99): 18 Jahre, assisted, spoke to people, had to carry the chair and forgot it about 7 times 😉 etc.
Sarica (yellow chair): had to endure a lot, was always motivated, ready and shiny
Additionally, some friends sometimes joined.

Photo of the team:

There’s not much more I want to add…

… just have a look!!
(PS: turn the quality up! Sadly, it might be prohibited in some countries and on some devices – try it with a PC…)