My first time travelling

In my last year of regular school, we got the task to do a project about anything. Firstly, I struggled a lot. I hadn’t the slightest idea which theme to choose… Until I remembered having seen Ayers Rock in a small booklet. I did some research about itself and the country it belongs to. Thus I ended up writing a detailed journey of a family travelling around that huge continent, country and island AUSTRALIA. For the practical part I made a jigsaw out of wood. Since I had known nothing about Australia, I had to do heaps of research. The more I found out, the more I wanted to know. That’s how I got to know this country. That’s how I fell in love with it. And that’s how a big dream got born.

Needless to say, I couldn’t just take off and visit Australia right after school. I started an apprenticeship and then worked for another few months, saving money like mad. On the 4th of January 2013 I finally started living my dream: I flew to Sydney, my first stop in Australia. On board of the spacious Airbus A380 weren’t only I and way too much luggage but also my ticket back home, booked for the end of June. However, things didn’t turn out the way I had planned. After 12 weeks in Sydney – where I had an awesome time with people from all around the world – I travelled around Australia and even flew to Fiji.  That was for some relaxing holidays of travelling.

During that time I didn’t only make awesome and priceless experiences but also the decision to postpone my flight. Back in Sydney, I arranged everything, it was all very spontaneous. I stayed longer than expected in Sydney, it felt like home to me. A city where I couldn’t help smiling. It alone made me happy wandering about in the streets. Sydney is definitely one of my favourite places on earth. Despite that, I didn’t stay much longer than two weeks. My next stop was Singapore. There began four months of travelling in South East Asia. I didn’t plan or book anything in advance and basically just went wherever I wanted. Sure enough, Asia is extremely different compared to Australia. Language, culture, writing, organisation, food, … It wasn’t even close to the Chinatowns in Australian cities. AND it was amazing! countries_b In Asia I travelled in these countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Hong Kong. In Siem Reap (Cambodia) I met the team from the NGO (non-governmental organisation) and church “ICF Cambodia” thanks two Swiss people who both had told me that there had started something. I knew the church ICF (International Christian Fellowship) before and I sure wanted to see, what they were doing there. With the team I got along quickly and very well. Instead of three nights I ended up staying twelve. A lot happened there and I even got the chance to do a project for them: Countdown ICF Cambodia. A few weeks later, I decided to go back to Cambodia, back to Siem Reap, back to that NGO and church at some point in my life. In total I spent six months in Australia and four in Asia.

On the 30th of October 2013, I boarded the last airplane, number 11. I reckon not a thousand words are able to describe what an incredible time I’ve had, what overwhelming landscapes I’ve seen, what funny experiences I’ve made, what awesome people I’ve met, what interesting places I’ve visited, what delicious food I’ve eaten, what breathtaking views I’ve enjoyed, … As I arrived in Zurich, I brought 10 new currencies and more than 13’000 photos with me and had to change the time for the 15th time. Well, I lost/broke some things but what is way more important is that I’ve got countless amazing memories which nobody can ever steal or break. I flew back, knowing that it won’t take long until I’d leave Switzerland again. However, I didn’t dare think it would be already after only eight months!