My next adventure: ICF Cambodia

First of all, I hope you’ve read the entry “my first time travelling” as this has to do with it. As you might remember, I spent some time in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Matter-of-factly, I visited there the NGO and Church ICF Cambodia. The Swiss family “Strupler” has been there since summer 2013 and was starting ICF Cambodia. Wondering what was happening there I met their still small team on a Sunday morning during an input from ND. I felt immediately comfortable and since I didn’t have a tight plan – or rather not a plan at all – I asked them whether I could help in any way for a few days. ND, the team leader, went he wouldn’t know yet, but tell me if there came something into his mind.


Two days later, he called me and set this task: Print the Khmer (Cambodian language) numbers 0 – 100 and go into the city and take either a photo or a short video of each number hold by a local person. Afterwards intercut between the different scenes and create a Countdown. He didn’t mention more details, trusting on my creativity. Positively surprised, that I got such an interesting project to do even though he didn’t even know me well nor if I would like such thing or not. Well, I did love the idea!

During two days, I wandered about in Siem Reap, taking heaps of pictures and videos. For the last 40 numbers I got support from a German guy who was also visiting ICF Cambodia and he accompanied me. It was an exhausting and not always easy task. Through this project, I got to know the locals in an extremely different way than as a backpacker. It was an interesting time and a welcomed change during my journey. Sure enough, I met loads of people, all individuals, all fascinating – and so are the 101 stories I can tell about them.
Interested? Read some of them here: Best of the Countdown // Watch the countdown.

Well, back to my future plans: Those days were priceless. I loved my “job” and the locals I met. I finished it with a lot of enthusiasm and joy. As I returned home (I stayed in a Khmer style dorm), I had to find out that the guy from the bed next to mine had died. I want to spare you details, but it still is important: It made me think a lot. Think about how close joy and sadness are. About how quickly a life is over. About how many people are suffering, looking for a sense in life, seeking happiness, trying to get along, needing help. And me, I was there, standing in the middle of it. Suddenly, I realised once more, that I wasn’t born only to enjoy myself, but to share my joy with other people. I started wondering how I could change something in other people’s life.

In those days I thought a lot about this stuff until I came to the point that I could help in ICF Cambodia. People from there already tried to persuade me to stay for longer than ten days. I didn’t because I had my own plans (going to Vietnam and then back home). However, I promised them to think about it. I expected that motivation I had for it to fade away as soon as I left Siem Reap. The opposite happened. The further away I got, the stronger became the feeling, that I would be called to go back there. After some days/weeks, I decided that it would be right to follow that call but I still didn’t know when. Back in Switzerland, it was already the year 2014, I booked my one-way-ticket to Siem Reap for the end of June 2014.

I want to go back to Siem Reap and volunteer in ICF Cambodia. I want to help the locals there, the lovely people from that beautiful country Cambodia. I want to leave footprints and be a blessing for them, to share my love, my happiness and joy with them. My plan is to stay there for one or two years. However, all this won’t be possible without your support.

How you can support me

Volunteering for ICF Cambodia is a “job”, where I won’t earn anything nor do I have to pay money to the organisation. Of course, there is heaps I will have to pay for, like:
Visa, appartment/room, food and clothes, Khmer lessons, insurance, motorbike and fuel, …

Support me:
Sponsorship: Decide on an amount which you would like to transfer monthly. There are no obligations, you can start and end it whenever you want.
Money for a particular thing: You want to pay for an extraordinary thing like flights, motorbike, visa, etc.? Just let me know so I can give you details. Or you simply want to give some money for anything? Of course, this is also possible.

Bank account – Post Finance, Switzerland:
IBAN: CH16 0900 0000 8773 8037 8
Vivien Bachmann
9213 Hauptwil

You will not only support me but also ICF Cambodia and local people from Cambodia since your donations make it possible for me to volunteer there.
For further details, any questions, etc. please contact me:
ICF Cambodia

A big THANK YOU goes to everyone who decides to support me in any way.