Only in Cambodia – Upside down world

Alright. I don’t mind power outages. Neither do I mind it if there are four a day. I knew they would happen every now and then. That’s a thing I can live with.

But what I don’t like is, when I open my fridge a few hours after the power has come back and it is warmer inside the fridge than in my room! And there is the air which gets blown inside and that one is also still warm. Ah wait, hot! Sorry, but my fridge is not an oven.

Alright. Keep calm. Let’s not become emotional now. Breathe in. Breathe out.

My bananas turned brown. My bread which is supposed to be frozen is almost freshly heated up. My drinks are tea now – with yummy coke and beer flavour. My butter seems to remind me softly that there is three states of matter: solid, liquid and gas. Right now it has arrived in the second one: liquid. My imported Swiss chocolate (Toblerone, Frey, Ovomaltine, …) could also be used as fondue or chocolate cream – there is no difference anymore. My gorgeous chocolate …. !!!! Breathe in. Breathe out. And last but worst: my Swiss Gruyère Cheese. An awesome present from my relatives who visited me some days ago. My favourite cheese. The best. Every day I would eat a small chunk, so that it would last for as long as possible. It’s melting, slowly dying.

Keep calm and … Yeah, and what? What does a female Swiss do?
Some people say, chocolate doesn’t solve any problems. I say: Neither does an apple. I take one piece of the warm but not crispy bread, smear one layer of melting chocolate and another one of peanut butter on it. (My peanut butter is actually one of a few things which survived without transmuting into mess.) Yummy – and packed with calories like mad.
But that’s ok. During the power outages I sweated enough to balance that.