Out of mind, out of sight?

Two weeks ago, I had to say goodbye to a big part of my Elevate Family. 85 women and men went home to their village. Most of them don’t have a new job. I wonder, what they’re gonna do?

Many wanted to work longer with us. Not only because we pay fair salaries but they said they love to work for us even though the conditions (esp. the heat) were not easy.


They say, because they got treated very kind. Unlike at other places.

Definitely, I am very happy that we finished the lake before the rain season starts. Just in time. But it was not easy to let go. Now, that I know many of their names. Now, that we were working more and more hand in hand, better every day. Now, that the team spirit had grown a lot. And I don’t like the facts that they are unemployed now or have a tough job with a bad boss.

They deserve better!

Out of mind, out of sight? Not at all.

Some young men still come almost every day to Elevate to get a bath in the lake THEY BUILT.
I wish I could give all of them a new job. But of course, this is not possible. At least for a few we could arrange something:
Two outstanding workers we employed at Elevate as all-rounders. They will finish details, fix whatever breaks, build some small things, clean and guard the property. One woman we employed for at least one month at ICF to renovate some wooden stuff. After, we will see if we have more work for her or not. But she’s very happy to be able to work with us for a bit longer. We also invited some for an interview for a job as a gardener at a school we know … .

And of course, I won’t forget them.

I’m sure, I will see some of them again. Maybe in church. Maybe on our first race. Maybe on another event. Or somewhere else. You never know.