Preparations – or: How it was suddenly raining solutions and people

Whoever knows me well, knows that I don’t love to organise. In the end everything works out even though I usually arrange some details at very short notice. As I came back from travelling (31. October 2013), I knew, I would have to look for a job in order to make money as well as I would need to organise a lot.

Coming back wasn’t easy at all. While I was travelling, my family had moved to another place, away from the house where I had lived for about 15 years and away from the town where I was born and grew up – to a small village where I knew nobody at all. Firstly, I had to furnish my room. My very first stroll that afternoon ended up in getting almost lost since I didn’t know the place at all. It was a crazy change for me, I was never really able to say “goodbye” to the former house. Now we had neighbors in the house itself, friends didn’t live close anymore and the familiar forest I loved was more than 40 minutes by train away. Thank God, that I am easygoing. It didn’t take me long until I felt comfortable. My motto during that time was “look at the bright side” – that’s what I did and that’s what opened my eyes to see the advantages.

Four days after I arrived, I visited my former working place. I didn’t think about asking them for a job. I simply wanted to visit them since I had missed them and promised to do so. Their welcome was incredibly warm and the question when I would start working there again didn’t take long to appear and as i met the bosses, they asked me the same. I was totally overwhelmed since I hadn’t expect such spontaneity. Even when I told them, that I wouldn’t stay very long due to the plans about Cambodia, they didn’t change their mind and said it wouldn’t matter to them, most important was that I would work there again. The decision wasn’t difficult; I agreed and never regretted it. That was definitely a great miracle. It meant, that I didn’t have to look and apply for jobs and what was even more important, that I could start working immediately. And as everybody knows: A job is closely connected to money and that’s what I needed for sure.

One question was, which date I would pick for flying to Cambodia. But a solution also came fast: My sister asked me to accompany her during a stopover in Lisbon (afterwards she flew to Columbia). Since she had booked already, the question wasn’t anymore about the date but about having short holidays with her or not. Obviously, this was a great way to not only empty my mind and relax but also to put the time in Switzerland behind myself before arriving in completely different surroundings if not even life. Needless to say, that I also was very looking forward to being with my sister for another few days before being separated for months.

A truly amazing story is the one about my relatives. Thanks Facebook I got to know my uncle without knowing that I was related to him. He knew it from the beginning, however it took me a few weeks until I found out about his background. He was one of two people who told me about the ICF in Cambodia. Back in Switzerland I met him and his family in flesh and even some other relatives who I hadn’t known either. I found out that they are actually working for an Asian missionary organisation and also, that they used to live and work in Mongolia for several years. Thus they have a great knowhow about Asia, being abroad, volunteering, and so on. They were – and still are – extremely helpful for tips, advice and encouragement.

Where I would leave my pets was another problem. At our new place were no cats allowed. I love my cat and it was – and still is – challenging to accept that I couldn’t have her at home anymore. Friends of us offered to care for her, therefore she got a new, great home at least. Furthermore, I couldn’t take my dog with me to Cambodia. Honestly, it was easier to find somebody who would look after him than it was for me to accept the fact that I would leave him once more behind. As a child I had always wanted a dog. I had got him for about 5.5 years, went to dog school with him, raised him and had a stronger relation to him than anybody else. He has always been my little sunshine, a reason for several hours long strolls, kind of a little island of refuge from daily life, he used to be there, when I returned home and greeted me daily with such joy as if I had been away for weeks…
Our neighbors, who had already looked after him during the days when everybody was working, eventually agreed on taking possession of him as soon as I’d leave Switzerland. Another awesome solution, they know and love each other – what do you want more?

And there is one more person I want to mention here. A young woman moved in the flat next to ours in December. Immediately, we came along well and met every now and then. She was once in Africa for a missionary trip and is now studying coaching in terms of people going to live abroad or foreigners coming to Switzerland. She offered me to be an always listening ear for me, whenever I’d have troubles. This is simply awesome. Due to her education she has further knowhow about foreign cultures, people from other countries, working in a totally mixed team and all this stuff which can produce difficulties during a stay abroad.

Sure, there are so many other people to mention. Friends and family members who were, say still are, just amazing, helpful, encouraging, willing to listen to problems, … If I’d mention all of them, this post wouldn’t end soon. In addition, there are sponsors, whose money enables me to do this.
Sometimes, when I look back, I’m speechless about how much happened, how many answers I found for seemingly impossible questions, how many “strangers” were put on my side, …
This can’t be coincidence.
Think about it. Miracles still happen.