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Best of the countdown

101 numbers equals 101 people/groups of people – all locals from Cambodia. Some understood English, some didn’t. Some asked somebody for translation. Or I used gestures to explain: International language. You need no vocabulary, only a bit of training. Everybody will try to understand you. It’s fun, guaranteed. Some refused to take part. But those who accepted the challenge gave their best, smiled, posed, sang, jumped, stood still, moved, talked, cooked, played, … These are some stories.


DSCN0097# 6 Apart from the number this photo isn’t fake at all. They were actually standing there like this, reading the newspaper.

My next adventure: ICF Cambodia

First of all, I hope you’ve read the entry “my first time travelling” as this has to do with it. As you might remember, I spent some time in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Matter-of-factly, I visited there the NGO and Church ICF Cambodia. The Swiss family “Strupler” has been there since summer 2013 and was starting ICF Cambodia. Wondering what was happening there I met their still small team on a Sunday morning during an input from ND. I felt immediately comfortable and since I didn’t have a tight plan – or rather not a plan at all – I asked them whether I could help in any way for a few days. ND, the team leader, went he wouldn’t know yet, but tell me if there came something into his mind.


Two days later, he called me and set this task: Print the Khmer (Cambodian language) numbers 0 – 100 and go into the city and take either a photo or a short video of each number hold by a local person. Afterwards intercut between the different scenes and create a Countdown. He didn’t mention more details, trusting on my creativity. Positively surprised, that I got such an interesting project to do even though he didn’t even know me well nor if I would like such thing or not. Well, I did love the idea!

My first time travelling

In my last year of regular school, we got the task to do a project about anything. Firstly, I struggled a lot. I hadn’t the slightest idea which theme to choose… Until I remembered having seen Ayers Rock in a small booklet. I did some research about itself and the country it belongs to. Thus I ended up writing a detailed journey of a family travelling around that huge continent, country and island AUSTRALIA. For the practical part I made a jigsaw out of wood. Since I had known nothing about Australia, I had to do heaps of research. The more I found out, the more I wanted to know. That’s how I got to know this country. That’s how I fell in love with it. And that’s how a big dream got born.