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Gifts, Grace and Glamour

Christmas. In many countries an annual public holiday which closes the Advent season. Celebrated culturally by a large number of non-Christian and Christian people. Takes place mostly at the end of December, sometimes in January. Stands for gifts, family meetings, delicious food. There is the traditional Christmas tree and other sometimes beautiful, sometimes overdone decoration. It’s all about lights, bling-bling, candles. The radio would play Christmas songs for several weeks long. Children would recite a poem and receive presents. Mothers would bake cookies and create gingerbread houses. Like every year, son James would try to steal some dough. Like every year, grandmother Anna would bring some self-made socks. Like every year, uncle Sam would play the Santa Claus with a white beard and deep voice. Same same, but different. Every year a few days long. That’s it.

That’s it? Really? That’s all what Christmas is about? Just like another feast? Is it all about gifts, gatherings and glamour?