Monthly Archives: December 2017

The transformation of a meadow

A wide land with nothing but one palm tree. A meadow in the middle of the outskirts, not much around it. Flooded in the rainy season. Withered in the dry season. Only a bumpy, sandy street would lead there. But there weren’t many reasons to go there. In fact, none.


In January 2015 we started digging – not for gold. Digging in order to fill up other parts of the land. A common thing here in Cambodia. And as we were digging, we were challenged by lots of ground water which made us decide to build a lake. Water pumps would try to keep the water away. At one point, over a hundred people were putting rock after rock around the shoreline, building the so-called RipRap. Others were filling the holes with cement. Or driving soil around. Or fixing the water pump. Or the excavator. Machines are good, strong, fast – but also quickly broken. They even look like ancient monsters. However, we live in Cambodia. This is routine and we’re supposed to be relaxed even though we know, the rainy season won’t wait for us and the deadline is getting closer and closer.