Monthly Archives: March 2020


Or so I thought. Yesterday, I was supposed to leave Cambodia. Due to the Corona pandemic life seems to be postponed for about a month or two, the outreach is canceled. Not even 24h before my flight would have taken off, the borders of the Republic of the Philippines were closed for foreigners with immediate effect. Closing the chapter of my beautiful story in Cambodia was, therefore, put off, too.

Rice Harvest Let’s start at the beginning: Almost six years ago I had moved to Cambodia, wanting to taste life in Asia and work as a volunteer at ICF Cambodia for a year. I was up for the challenge of learning a new language, getting to know another culture, and of course hoping to be able to impact other people’s lives. Little did I know that I would be learning heaps, fall in love with a people, a nation, a oh so foreign culture – simply គួរអោយស្រឡាញ់ – literally translated “you gotta love it”. I wanted to fit in and realized how inspiring the Cambodian culture is. A culture with values that I love, based on community rather than individualism. Quality time with people has become my favorite thing to do. I guess I had always been a people person, however, I really discovered this passion here.