about ViV

Name: Vivien BachmannImage00001
Nationality: Switzerland


until 2009: school
2009-2012: apprenticeship and worked as businesswoman, Herisau, Switzerland
Jan-Nov 2013: travelled in Australia and South East Asia
Nov 2013 – June 2014: working as businesswoman, Herisau, Switzerland
July 2014 – Feb 2020: volunteering for the NGO (non-governmental organisation) ICF Cambodia, Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia
from March 2020: volunteering for the NGO (non-governmental organisation) YWAM SHIPS PHILIPPINES, Manila, Republic of the Philippines

 I am

adventurous, vivid, determinded to finish whatever I start, talkative, easygoing, open-minded, spontaneous.

I love

people, to discover other cultures/languages/countries and their history, travelling, hammocks, bonfires, saltwater, adventures taking risks, to make others laugh, challenges.

I dream

I dream of changing something in the lives of the people surrounding me. I want to write history, to leave footprints on this world by being a blessing to others. I want to share my love, my joy and my hope with everybody I meet.
“Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

contact me

e-mail: vivien@bestofviv.ch

How you can support me

Volunteering for YWAM SHIPS PHILIPPINES is a fulltime job, where I won’t earn anything nor do I have to pay money to the organisation. Of course, there is heaps I will have to pay for, like:
Visa, accommodation, food and clothes, Tagalog lessons, insurance, motorbike and fuel, …

Support me:
Sponsorship: decide on an amount which you would like to transfer monthly. There are no obligations, you can start and end it whenever you want.
Money for a particular thing: You want to pay for an extraordinary thing like flights, motorbike, visa, etc.? Just let me know so I can give you details. Or you simply want to give some money for anything? Of course, this is also possible.

Bank account – Post Finance, Switzerland:
IBAN: CH16 0900 0000 8773 8037 8
Vivien Bachmann
9213 Hauptwil

You will not only support me but also the organisation and local people from the Philippines since your donations make it possible for me to volunteer there.
For further details, any questions, etc. please contact me:
e-mail: vivien@bestofviv.ch

A big THANK YOU goes to everyone who decides to support me in any way.