It’s invisible.

But if you have it,
from the inside out,
you glow,
you shine,
you radiate.

Not much is needed though
and …
it’s gone.
Inside, it’s dark.
Around you, it’s dark.

You try to reach for it.
Try to teach it.
Seek it.
But then,
where would you find it?

Worries spread.

Until …
until what?
until the future arrives?
It surely bears hope.
The future husband might bring it.
The future job might deliver it.
The future home might provide it.

You wait until …
until tomorrow comes.
Together with hope.
It doesn’t work out.
More desperation.

Until …
until what?
until you realise
that today is the day
you have to rise up
and grab it.
Take it.
Directly from the provider,
the deliverer,
which is …
God alone.

And you radiate.
Even more
than ever before.