I Honor. – A Challenge to Myself

You can use it to empower
You can abuse it to dismantle
It is a fine line yet a huge difference

The key to empowerment
Does it lie in education or financial support
Or is it more of an inner characteristic
A value of how we treat others
The selfless act of honor?

Honor doesn’t ask for authorization
Honor doesn’t say I have power, you don’t
Honor doesn’t request perfection

More than anything

Honor is given freely
Honor is unconditional
Honor manifests when there is failure
It’s not about their character but mine

Honoring others starts with honoring yourself
Honoring yourself is only possible when we receive honor
freely from the one who created us for it
by giving us an identity that is more valuable than pure gold

The very perfect One always honors us
Though we might not always shine

Despite Him knowing that we would lie and hurt
Deny and fail
Abuse and destroy
He honored us by sacrificing His one and only son to breathe in
lies, hurt, denial, failure, abuse, destruction

And as holy exchange breathe out and into us love.
And that pure identity
Our true humanity
Created in the likeness of Himself
The almighty, spotless, honoring One
And Only

As I accept my identity in Him
Who am I to condemn myself?
I am a beloved child of Him
No excuse to think bad about myself
I ought to honor myself
Not because of who I am
I surely not always shine
Because of who I am made to be
Because of that initial, pure identity given to me
More than anything

I summon you by name
and bestow on you a title of honor,
though you do not acknowledge me.
I am the Lord, and there is no other;
apart from me there is no God.
~ GOD, in Isaiah 45.4-5

As relaxed thinking of “I know”
And killer of honor
Which settles for the shallow
the mundane
Rather than for more
the extraordinary
for deeper mysteries in everyone of us
for awe

Honor shall be fueled by awe
Awe that is inspired
by Heaven
When I see what Heaven sees
Then I can treat how Heaven treats
As I look up
I can see the pure identities given to all
The ray of inner light that He put in all of us
Though we might not always shine

And so to all around me
They ought to be honored by me
Since even the very Highest One came to serve me at my lowest
Despite the lies, hurt, denial, failure, abuse, destruction
Despite all
That I threw back at Him.

More than anything
I want to honor you
I want to serve and love you
I want to use power in a mysterious, illogical
yet beautiful way
As honor says
I give you permission
to be POWERFUL around me.