Latest News from ICF Campus

Hello world.

It’s high time I spread some exciting news about our Campus!

First of all, we have changed the name. Please note, no ELEVATE CAMPUS anymore. Since the beginning of this year, we only have on name: ICF CAMBODIA – therefore we call what used to be the ELEVATE CAMPUS now ICF CAMPUS. This change enables us to work more transparent and straightforward within the community. Our goal is to spread the gospel while breaking the cycle of poverty. Same vision. Same tasks. Same goal. But only one name! Well, that might have not been too exciting yet. But it goes on……

We are happy and proud to announce that …


This was only made possible thanks to a team from YWAM Perth. With a lot of creativity and energy they served us within the last few weeks. They accepted the challenge to build a playground, using not much more than tires, bolts and wood. It started with doing research, measuring and drawing plans after plans until they had finally figured out how to order the different obstacles. With lots of confidence and (almost) unlimited possibilities they dreamt of a mind-blowing experience for kids in every age. Filled with passion for the Khmer youth, they sweated, dug wholes into the ground and connected tire to tire.

They have built a high pyramide, a zip-line and other obstacles to climb on, jump around and crawl through. Finally, Siem Reap has its very first playground. Robust and big enough to handle dozens of kids, yet simple to copy for other organizations – and this with maximum fun factor. Best of all: It’s absolutely for free for the kids. Daily, kids and teenagers get rid of boredom while swimming, jumping off the tower, biking around the pump track and now climbing up and down tires on our Campus. It’s a real pleasure to observe them.

Kids Church

Our Kids Church has been growing unstoppable. Last year we had moved to the Campus where we had built an immense roof for them. No more burning sun. No more mud. And even more time, more space, more fun! Honestly, it was not an easy start. Suddenly, so many more kids within so much space. Fortunately, we had some great people joining and our team grew quickly, all of them fully passionate about kids. Also, the kids are extremely disciplined. They sit still and stay focused for the whole input or wait patiently for food – insane. Respect for our Kids Church Team!!! Watch yourself:


We planted trees. Hundreds of them. They’re are called AGASIA, are fast-growing, green, and most importantly give a lot of shade. Soon at least. And since hundreds of trees, such big property all in all and buildings and co. need maintenance we have now three employees. They are cleaning up, taking care, watering, fertilizing and even doing some small construction jobs. They are great people, doing almost everything wherever needed, whenever needed. There is always a lot to do. We are about to build the drainage for the roof and the house. Moreover, a concrete floor is due this dry season as well as a container for a library with corner for games for the smaller kids. And I’m sure there is more to come! Have a look at some pictures: