No matter what – no regrets

When I was 18, I reflected on my life. I realized that I was not living the life God designed me to live. Even though I had been a Christian for many years, I never shared about God to my friends. I was ashamed of my faith, afraid that people would laugh at me. It has happened before. I asked God to show me for what he wanted to use me. I felt like there is more purpose somewhere. SOMEWHERE OUT THERE.
group of people

I decided that I wanted to be God’s real friend and serve him no matter what. I started to change my life, started sharing about God and also seeking God more.

One year later, God answered me. He called me to go to Cambodia and serve at ICF Cambodia. It was not an easy thing. I never wanted to live in Asia. And a lot of my close friends did not understand this either.

But I decided to follow God’s call anyway. No matter what.
I quit my job and left my family in Switzerland to start a new life in Cambodia. It was a huge step out of my comfort zone into the absolute unknown.

At the same time, I felt God much closer than ever before. He guided me through all the difficulties and challenges. He put people on my side who support me. Until this very day – almost 5 years later – He provides money every month so that I can stay here. He protects me when I am in dangerous situations, get into accidents or during sickness. And I do believe, that God has not only blessed me but also my family.

Sometimes I feel lonely. I get hurt. I am sad and frustrated. A lot of times I fail. But so often, God shows me who He is. That He wants me here. That He is my shepherd, taking care of me. That He never leaves me. And reminds me to look at the blessings that He is providing all the time.

God is the best shepherd and friend.
Obeying God’s voice was difficult. And it is not getting any easier. But it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.